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The ultimate question you now face is - who is Hana?

Just a general background about who I am and what I do:

I'm an 18 year old female student eager to enter the professional world at an early age. My introduction into the professional world began with training from DECA (to understand more, please checkout the page dedicated to it), which had allowed me to display my talents, network with community members, meet students across the nation, receive recognition internationally and most of all, discover where my strengths lie.

HTML, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), JAVA, Objective-C, PHP
Leadership, Networking, Project Management, Graphic Design, MAYA, Programming

Past Experiences:
2014            Acesse Corporation Intern for iOS Development and Design
2013 – 2014 Legislative Council Representative
2013            Angie's List Intern for iOS Development and Design
2012 – 2013 Silicon Valley DECA Executive Vice President
2012            Jobvite Intern for Engineering Team and Product Team
2011 – 2012 MV National Technical Honor Society Executive Vice President
2011            Jobvite Intern for Product Team

2013 Class of 2014 Homecoming Queen
2013 California State Legislature Assembly Recognition
2012 International CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 1st PLACE
2012 International CDC Microsoft Recognition
2012 States CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 1st PLACE
2012 Winner, Monta Vista Purple & Gold Awards - JAVA
2011 International CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 3RD PLACE
2011 States CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 2nd PLACE
2011 Winner, Monta Vista Purple & Gold Award - Business

CTE Involvement:
2013 CTA Conference – Guest Speaker
2013 Silicon Valley DECA Career Development Conference – Organizer
2012 Silicon Valley DECA Leadership & Competitive Excellence CDC - Organizer
2012 WBEA Conference – Guest Speaker
2012 Santa Clara CTE Conference
2011 Santa Clara CTE Conference

What I bring to the table.

I came to my school with only one intention- to find out who I am and what I am meant to do. As a humble little freshman-who carried a backpack twice her size, a cross country bag stuffed with shoes and athletic wear and one massive lunch box that she could barely finish- I set off to contribute to my mission everyday. Within the next few years, I grew to be familiar with almost anyone in the school, and grew familiar with many other students across the district. Before I knew it, I had friends living in all parts of California. It was because of all these wonderful people that I also learned who I am. And I really do have to say I love each and every person I have met. Today, I can walk the halls of my school with the feeling I know everyone and know that everyone
knows me, because I've made a home and a family at my school. Last year, my business teacher, who has aided me throughout high school and in this self-discovery mission, had my name placed in the new football field of our school. I hope to someday come back to it far into the future. To know that even though I am leaving high school I have left a mark and a legacy is beyond comforting.

And I know that I will always leave my mark in the ground. One thing ends, and another great thing begins.

"Words without actions are the assassins of idealism."
                                                                                                                                                 -Herbert Hoover

I love a variety of things- working on projects, meeting people, sculpting, drawing, painting, bird-watching, hiking, coming up with new things, testing my abilities, programming in free time, learning languages, building websites, reading TechCrunch, listening to music, eating good food (obviously), playing violin, taking pictures- pretty much sums up me.

 I'm a happy kid that goes about rhyming when sleep deprived, 
drinking tea when exhausted, 
and taking care of a mad itch to program when done with tea.
Yes, yes, indeed, that is me!