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For the past three years of my high school career, DECA has played a major role in my life. DECA is a Career and Technical Student Association that gears students for the professional world by helping students develop skills in leadership, establish understanding in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and hospitality, and experience the real world through competitions. These competitions are held at district, state, and international level, at which students either present a proposed business, marketing, or finance plan or assume the role as a business professional and take a test.

Recognition & Awards in DECA
California State Legislature Assembly Recognition
2012 International CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 1st PLACE
2012 International CDC Microsoft Recognition
2012 States CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 1st PLACE
2011 International CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 3rd PLACE
2011 States CDC Entrepreneurship Written Event 2nd PLACE

2012 - 2013 Silicon Valley DECA Executive Vice President
2011 - 2012 National Technical Honor Society Executive Vice President

In DECA Direct Article!


In February of 2013, I and a couple of other DECA officers, attended the California Teacher's Association Conference in LA to help recruit more DECA chapters. At the conference, we even had the chance to hear Governor Jerry Brown speak! Check out this article featured in the DECA Direct magazine to read more! Click here!

On the DECA Guide!


I have absolutely no words. One fine day I hear from my advisor that I have to come check out the DECA Guide that was distributed to every single DECA chapter across the nation. So I agreed and came only to find our faces on the DECA guide. The photo turned out pretty neat! Everytime I see this, I can't help but feel so glad we put in so much effort and time into our work! Here's what our presentation looked like this year! I can honestly say I am proud of my work. But who is to say that in a couple months, I'll look back and see all the flaws I can't see right now? Afterall, design is constantly changing!

First Place at ICDC


At the 2012 ICDC, my partner and I placed FIRST in the Entrepreneurship Written Event. We proposed a cloud storage company, called Dandelion (I thought it would be a cute name because you both make a wish on a dandelion and a dandelion spreads everywhere). The major difference between Dandelion and every other cloud storage company already out there is it's wonderfully new and innovative UI! Our argument was that the everyday cloud storage company is a bit complicated for the everyday user, and could be a lot more user-friendly. So I built a demo of a new way to format it. Of course, when I look back at the design now, I see many, many flaws, but it was so unique and original that it really does seem like something a family would be willing to use.

Microsoft Technology Innovation Award


Last ICDC in 2012, my team had the chance to be recognized by Microsoft for an outstanding presentation and the use of technology (guess my tech skills really paid off! I built a website demo, video, and a snazzy powerpoint). Our finalist judge was a Microsoft Executive, and felt we did so well that we not only deserved to win the 1st place in our event, ENW, but also deserved to be recognized by Microsoft! So technically, we received two awards for a conference we can only participate in one for! In the photo above is Pat Phillips, part of the Computer Science Teachers Association and the K-12 Curriculum Programs at Microsoft. They also awarded us each with an XBox 360 Kinect and 3 games! (: I love slicing some good fruit in Fruit Ninja!

First Time on Stage at ICDC (2011)


Back in 2011, my DECA partner and I competed in the event known as ENW, Entrepreneurship Written Event, in which students propose a business plan. That year we proposed a company known as SocioCom (horrible name when I think about it now) that provided an application that allowed users to share videos, watch movies together, video chat with another, and edit videos. The worst part - we said the application had "subapplications." To be honest, it was not the best product a person could come up with, but we made a solid plan and had an exciting presentation. The judge(s) were actual venture capitalists, and we were to assume the role as people requesting funding from VCs.
Below are some screenshots of the powerpoint I made! The design is ridiculously outdated, but for my first time, I'd have to say it was pretty impressive!